SOAR (School of Artistic Refinement) is a place to empower people to reach their fullest potential in the creative arts. SOAR is a training ground to help people grow, discover, and fulfill their unique purpose-creatively. 


At SOAR, our mission is to guide and develop the gifts of students through skilled training and one-to-one encouragement. Offering lessons in voice, drums, guitar, bass, and piano as well as group choir lessons. 


In the Premium Package, each student will have a 30 minutes private lesson with a skilled instructor once a week. 

Choir: Choir meets every Thursday from 6-7pm. 


As a part of each package, students have the option of going to the Collaboration Room where there are instructors and art mentors who are there to give musical advice as well as some basic music tutoring. In the Collaboration Room, students will have access to mini-practice areas for piano and string changing stations for guitar/bass! Students can come to the Collaboration Room as they are waiting for their lesson time, waiting to be picked up, or waiting for Choir to begin. 


SUMMER 2017 - July 11/13 - August 22/24 - (6 Lessons) Summer Rate $125 Premium Package $50 Basic Package

**SOAR will take off the first week of August- August 1st and 3rd. Premium Package ½ hour individual lesson + Group Choir (Thursdays 6-7PM) + Optional Collaboration Room (Tuesday/Thursday 3-6pm) Basic Package: Choir every Thursday 6-7pm + Collaboration Room every Tuesday/Thursday 3-6pm 


Each season our students have the opportunity to showcase their achievements in our Fall/Winter and Spring Performances. We will not have a showcase performance for our summer session. 


REGULAR LESSON TIME SLOT: Upon your online registration your lesson time slot is booked, you are guaranteed that 30 minute time slot for the session and have the option of keeping it throughout the year. 

Absence/Make up Policy

  • There will be NO make up lessons for the summer session. 
  • Instructor Absences: SOAR reserves the right to substitute or change instructors as needed. (No refunds or credits will be issued for classes or lessons where a substitute is provided.) 


SPRING TUITION: Premium Package $125 (6 half hour private lessons + Choir every Thursday 6-7pm + Collaboration Room Tuesdays and Thursdays 3-6pm) Basic Package $50 (Choir every Thursday 6-7pm + Optional Collaboration Room every Tuesday and Thursday 3-6pm). 


FORMS OF PAYMENT: All payments are processed electronically through our online system. 

WITHDRAWALS: In order to receive a refund minus the lesson fee a WRITTEN NOTICE of cancellation (via email or letter) must be received no later than 5pm the first Friday (July 14th) of the start week for the summer session. Following this date no refunds will be issued. 

Please notify for withdraw from program 

PRORATED TUITION: For those who start lessons at a later date than the session start date tuition is prorated based on the remaining lessons. 

Waitlist If there are no slots available please contact Gabriella Velez ( to be placed on a waitlist.