A person who is in the process of developing godly character and who is faithful, available and teachable.  The positions available for this level are task oriented positions that involve interaction with others but not leadership of others. All Volunteers must complete Starting Point.


A person who models godly character and who, while volunteering, has demonstrated that he/she is capable and responsible to lead and develop others.  The positions available for this level involve leading groups of volunteers in their ministry tasks. All Leaders must complete Next Steps.


A person who inspires godly character in others and who has effectively led other volunteers and is now ready to become a leader of leaders.  The positions available for this level involve leading and coaching other leaders to become more effective. Beginning January 2015, all Coaches must complete Lead2Lead.

Check out the Find Your Place page for information on specific opportunities for each level within Emmanuel’s four ministry areas; Creative, First Impressions, GroupLife, and NextGen.