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Do you love telling stories? Do you talk with your hands a lot and are you extremely expressive? You may be perfect for the presentation team! Presenters and hosts teach lessons and interact with the kids from the platform. Areas to serve are the Playroom (preschool), Clubhouse (K-2 grade) and the Loft (3-5 grade). If you'd like to use your communication gifts in a large group setting, fill out the application to set up an interview.
Do you love being around kids? Do you enjoy getting to know them, learning their names and helping them feel important? Small group Captains and helpers are there to greet kids as they arrive at service, sit with them during the large group presentation, and then lead them through the small group activities. Small groups are a great environment for kids to learn how to apply the week’s lesson through activities, discussion and prayer time. Captains and helpers who serve weekly or bi-weekly will make a huge impact in the lives of kids in their group.
We try to greet every person with a smile when they enter the building. People on the registration and hospitality team greet guests, assist parents in checking-in their children and help new guests register their children. The registration team serves downstairs in Foyer 4 and upstairs at the elementary check-in station.
This ministry provides specialized training to anyone with a heart for children with disabilities. Equal Concern is open every Sunday morning during 2nd service. Serving opportunities vary from once a week to once per month.
This is our ministry to children aged newborn to 5 years old. Volunteers in this area will greet parents and welcome children into the room, and work to provide a safe, nurturing environment. Activities and lessons are provided for the various age groups. Serving opportunities vary from once a month to once a week on Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
The media team serves in each of our three presentation rooms and welcomes anyone who is good with detail and enjoys working with computers and sound equipment. No experience is necessary, but the ability to serve both services on any given Sunday is preferred. Opportunities are also available on Wednesdays.
Are you a singer or expressive with music? The LOUD Team creates a passionate, energetic, and fun atmosphere of worship in our Sunday Morning Services for Kids at Emmanuel. Every Sunday, the LOUD Team will lead Kids at Emmanuel in a 10-15 minute musical worship experience in both first and second services. The LOUD Team needs people who are LOUD for Christ and have a passion for leading kids into the presence of God. Being a part of the LOUD Team also makes you a part of our Team Night, which is a special night for people to come together and grow in their God-given creative talents. Team Nights are on every first Thursday of each month. Ability to serve both services on any given Sunday is preferred.